$240.00 USD

Polly Offer

Join us for a 12-session course, excerpts of a book-in-progress, monthly gatherings, and more. 

✓ Advance portions of the book sent monthly with an invitation to share your feedback.

✓ Private Facebook Group to discuss the topics of the book.

✓ A bookmark when the cover is revealed.

✓ Signed copy of the published book Baptized and Ordained

✓ One half-day, online, small group writing retreat with Eileen.

✓ Small group online gathering and conversation with Eileen and a book publisher.

✓ Your NAME in the book on the "I am Called" page(s). 


✓ Private book launch event with Eileen.

✓ One visit to your class or group OR one coaching or consultation session with Eileen.

✓An exclusive Baptized & Ordained Tote Bag.

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