Hello, I'm Eileen Campbell-Reed.


My first call as a young person was to ministry. With time my calling continues to expand and grow. Now my vocation includes writing, research, teaching, and coaching. I started Three Minute Ministry Mentor to share what I have learned and what I love with more people.  


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My Story

After ordination and 5+ years in congregational ministry, I returned to graduate school to earn a PhD in religion, psychology, and culture at Vanderbilt University.

My first academic job launched me into a career of studying ministers and the practice of ministry. First for my dissertation and now for 15 years as co-director of the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project, I remain deeply committed to the people and practice of ministry. My calling now is to explore how people learn ministry in practice and cultivate pastoral imagination.

From all I am learning, I love to teach, write, mentor, and coach pastors, chaplains, ministers and graduate students, and scholars.

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What is pastoral imagination?

Pastoral imagination is a concept vital for the practice of ministry. It is also a research project following ministers learning in practice since 2009. And it is a book by Eileen Campbell-Reed published by Fortress Press!

What is the Writing Table? 

A place to gather for an hour daily and build solid writing habits. We show up. Breathe. Write. And share strategies. Join our virtual community of pastors, professor, and writers to get your writing done!

How can I find help with my vocational discernment? 

Do you need a community to help you navigate your own vocational discernment? Join Baptized & Ordained for a Year-Long Course, Learning Community,  Book-in-Progress, Monthly Gatherings, and More!

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